More points from Ross

In a recent post I pointed to Ross Dawson's blog, "Trends in the Living Networks," and his piece, "Six Facets of the Future of PR," which he wrote for Marketing Magazine.

I found these insights particularly powerful: "Today PR entails being involved with every aspect of how people encounger information and make sense of it. It is far more about being engaged in the flow of messages through an intensely networked world than it is about formal communication. The traditional domain of PR is swiftly changing."

Information flows in every dimension. "PR has traditionally been rooted in the world of words. While that will remain important, the new skills required to play in a world driven by other media forms will be critical."

Influence networks are at the heart. "PR will become largely about how to identify, access and influence the key influencers, either individually, or by understanding how influence networks are structured."


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