Measuring feed traffic

WordPress offers several ways to measure a blog's distribution and reach. One measure shows site visits, while another measure shows how your blog's RSS feed is picked up. The graphic below shows how people access my RSS feed. I see challenges and opportunities. If your feed had this kind of distribution, would you channel energy into making the largest percentage (in this case, Bloglines) even stronger? or would you do what it takes to bring up the other numbers, for example, Feed Demon?

feed traffic


One Response to Measuring feed traffic

  1. Dan Karleen says:

    Other than making sure you’re listed or searchable in directories and searches that each of those service provides (some do, some don’t), I’m not sure there is much opportunity to make a particular segment larger, other than by promoting one or more of those specific services on your blog, and trying to persuade your readers to convert to one of them. I suppose you could have some influence over reader selection by virtue of providing chicklets on your blog that allow people to subscribe via specific feed readers (one per chicklet) with a single click. What did you have in mind?

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