Short course on new media

Quote of the week: "I live in my RSS reader."
That's from Karine Joly, who blogs at She likes the Bloglines RSS aggregator because it's web-based and she can check her feeds on any of the three computers she uses.
She advises anyone who wants to learn more about new media to start by setting up subscriptions to RSS news feeds. "Get a Bloglines account or download the RSS reader of your choice and start to subscribe to feeds and blogs," she says. "Don't limit yourself to higher education but check out what's done in Corporate PR as well."
She offers help in setting up a free Bloglines account "loaded with the best higher ed RSS feeds" and provides her contact info on her blog. From Karine's perspective, higher education PR and marketing professionals "need to get their hands dirty." They should offer their press releases in RSS, set up Technorati watches to monitor conversations about their institutions, and set up blogs to share their clips with their campus community." See her article in the current issue of University Business: "The Brand (Brave?) New World Of Online Public Relations."


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