Email is passe; better start blogging

Many adolescents consider email passe, and instead use either instant messaging (IM) or blogging for their communications, says Moveable Type's Mena Trott, quoted in The Economist. "Like blogging, email was supposed to be asynchronous. . . But today's adolescents have never known email without spam and see no point in long trails of 'Reply' and 'CC' messages piling up in their in-boxes," the article continues. "As for synchronous communication, why adults would send emails back and forth instead of 'IM-ing' is beyond them." The article, "It's the links, stupid," is one of a series addressing new media, including podcasting.



One Response to Email is passe; better start blogging

  1. Adolescent communication patterns — “There is nothing fun about email”

    In Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, I raised a few eyebrows by insisting that email was nearly dead, even for one-to-one communication. In a slide that failed to show attitudes toward cell phone usage, IM, blogging, social networks, and the like, a subs…

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