Blogs in school-community relations

I enjoyed reading Craig Colgan's story "What's in a Blog?" in American School Board Journal, July 2005. He provides several case studies of school board members, administrators, and teachers engaging their communities with weblogs. He makes an interesting and somewhat troubling point: "While blogs are gaining ground as a communications tool, some predict that administrators and K-12 decision makers will not use them on a widespread basis. Near the top of their list of reasons is fear of fast feedback."
Hmmmm. . . What does it say about us if we fear feedback?. . .


One Response to Blogs in school-community relations

  1. […] Ran across the following from Paul Baker on his “EducationPR” blog. He’s talking about the opposite side of the table, about the growing use of blogs for school officials and trustees to engage their community. Seems that if our clients are going into the blogosphere, it’s only right that we are at least familiar, if not yet passionate and nimble. […]

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