Notebook convert

My intuition proved correct- having your own notebook computer, with wireless access, is a very good thing to have when attending a conference. My Dell Inspiron proved its value many times during the recent conference of the American Educational Research Association. I could check email at almost any time, I could take notes at presentations without having to re-type them after the fact, and I could post blog entries on the run. I could download and listen to podcasts and send photos to friends too. I think this new toy, uhh, tool, has already become addictive.


2 Responses to Notebook convert

  1. dan says:

    Did the conference provide access, or did you use a cellular card for wireless?

  2. paul says:

    The conference hotel theoretically offered a wireless signal in the meeting rooms but it was weak and not useful. I found a local coffee shop with a good signal (and it was free) and I used DSL in my hotel room (for something like $49 per week or $10 per day.) Paul

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