Distance Learning 2006

I'm looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for podcasting and blogging as part of the annual Distance Learning Conference organized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Office of Education Outreach. The August 2-4 event will take place at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, where I'll facilitate a roundtable discussion on Friday. The event typically draws 1000 distance educators, trainers, and executives from 550 organizations. 


2 Responses to Distance Learning 2006

  1. Conference stuff

    Some conference updates hitting the radar…..
    First off, congrats to Paul Baker for landing a roundtable facilitator role for a session on blogging and podcasting at the UW Distance Learning Conference.
    Next, two conferences where I’ll be…

  2. dan goldfarb says:

    I’m an instructor of Television and Radio working in two schools here in Alabama. Many years ago, Distance Learning was beginning to come in vogue. Today with the gasoline problems that we are having, I see Distance Learing as the future.
    I need to learn what is going on in the industry today. This would include but not limited to forms of transmittion, web companies that work with chat rooms, e-assignments, video presentations live / on demand, live two way video / audio commuinication, production values including green screen, video equipment, and other items.
    There is much I don’t know and I’m looking for sources of information and companies involved with Distance Learning. Please contact me. I can be reached at dangoldfarb@hotmail.com or at home at 205-833-1850.

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