Making a good podcast better

I’m reviewing a boatload of podcast episodes produced by teachers, students, schools, and districts. As one might expect, the quality varies enormously. Based on some of the really good ones I’ve seen and heard, I’d offer a few things to consider to make yours stand out. (I use the word ‘podcast’ to refer to a series of ‘episodes’ delivered via RSS feed.)
a. Remember to tell us who you are. Create a brief introduction for every episode that includes the name of the episode, the name of the series, the name of the producing entity, and the date of production. If it’s audio from a school board meeting, for example, announce that right up front.
b. Choose the episode title thoughtfully. A title like “Mr. Blake’s Class” in a podcast directory doesn’t tell us where you are or the name of the school. We’d like to know these things.
c. If you include theme music, keep it brief (about 10 seconds). Advanced production expertise shouldn’t get in the way of your message.
d. When you create the mp3 version of the audio file for upload, make sure to use all available ID3 tags (name of podcast, time/length, artist/producer, album/producer, and genre). These tags are very important because they help identify and locate your podcast for potential listeners as they scan through iTunes and other directories. If you don’t use these tags, your episode will get lost in directories and in media players.


One Response to Making a good podcast better

  1. […] Paul Baker, a public relations practitioner with Wisconsin Center for Education Research, has moved his blog to WordPress, and re-launched it as EducationPR, focusing now on “Technology for communicators in education.” In a recent post on classroom podcasts, he gives tips for making a good one–some good suggestions, I’d say, regardless of the educational level. Here’s the blog’s new RSS feed. […]

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