Fear, uncertainty, doubt. . . and inertia

The power of blogging and search and tagging (and, to a lesser degree, podcasting) were the topic of discussion and demonstration at today’s monthly meeting of the Madison Chapter of the IABC.

The recurring theme from participants: It’s going to be pretty tough to convince the powers-that-be at my company that blogging can help our organization.

As presenter, I armed myself pretty well: just check out the case studies in Naked Conversations. Buy the book. Short of that, check out the content on the web site.

If your company has a blogger, great. If you don’t have a blogger, ask around and see who would be a good candidate. At the least, you as a corporate communicator should be sufficiently conversant with blogging to be able scan the environment to see what is being said about your company, or your school, or district, out there on the net. Believe me, there is a lot of chatter going on.

Or. . . you can close your eyes, turn the other way, and discourage employees from blogging. Because Legal might have qualms.


3 Responses to Fear, uncertainty, doubt. . . and inertia

  1. Dan Karleen says:

    Is a podcast of this event available?

  2. Paul says:

    I didn’t record the event. If I had, you could have heard in the voices how much these communicators wanted to use social media on behalf of their companies. Among the good ideas raised were (a)try first setting up an internal blog, password protected, perhaps, as an information gathering and sharing space for employees in different locations, a kind of professional development tool. See how that flies, then go back to management with the idea of a public blog. (b) don’t call the new ‘thing’ a blog; call it a bulletin board or ‘information sharing project.’

  3. Dan Karleen says:

    Thanks for the info. As a matter of fact, that’s how I started the blog for my company–by first publishing an internal-only blog, getting a feel for it, showing what kind of interest could be generated. Then it was a relatively easy step to go public.

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