Recommended reading


Behaviors of the blogosphere: Understanding the scale, composition and activities of weblog audiences
(august 2005). Comscore networks, inc.

Bloggers: an army of irregulars (9 february 2006). BBC news.

Sifry’s alerts: state of the blogosphere (february 2006). David sifry.

A marketer’s guide to blogging (31 january 2006). Constantine von hoffman.

Krugle launching at demo without traditional PR (9 january 2006). Naked conversations blog.

The blog in the corporate machine (9 february 2006). The Economist.

Corporate blogging: is it worth the hype? (white paper, 2005). Backbone blogging survey.


Revolutionizing the clip book. (14 november 2005). PR week.

Imagining the Google future (1 february 2006).

7 things you should know about social bookmarking (may 2005). Cyprien Lomas, educause learning initiative.

The strength of internet ties (25 january, 2006). Pew internet & american life project.

Flipping the funnel ( 2006). Seth godin.


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