New approaches to effective knowledge use

Current approaches to knowledge use in K-12 education are frequently hampered by a number of impediments, including a disconnect among the research community, practitioners, developers and policy makers. To address the demand for knowledge-based solutions to educational problems and to sustain and expanded in significant ways over time, we could benefit from new approaches to effective knowledge use.

The National Education Knowledge Industry Association works to make effective knowledge use a theme of school improvement policies and practice. In his recent article, “At the Tipping Point: Knowledge-driven Reform,” Jim Kohlmoos writes that, as in other areas of national import, (e.g., defense and health) significant advances in public education require the federal government to be the principal investor in R&D. “But at the point where standards-based reform is on the cusp of transition from accountability to solutions, the federal investment in k-12 R&D is grossly insufficient.”

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