Podcast Episodes #51-60

Episode 60
Assessment Drives Student Learning
A web site of resources enables college level science, mathematics, engineering, and technology instructors to design more effective assessments of student learning.

Episode 59
Testing Accommodations and Validity
Testing accommodations can play an important role in increasing the validity of the resulting test scores if the purpose of the test is understood. Yet few data-based reports of this relationship have been published.

Episode 58
After-school Programs and Children’s Adjustment
There’s a relationship between the experiences of children, especially boys, in school-age child care programs, and their performance in first grade. After-school experiences relate to girls’ behaviors as well, but associations were less apparent for girls than boys.

Episode 57
Small-group Learning Boosts College Students’ Science Achievement
College students who learn in small groups generally demonstrate greater academic achievement, express more favorable attitudes toward learning, and persist through science courses or programs to a greater extent than students receiving more traditional modes of instruction.

Episode 56
Classroom Discussions Can Enhance Student Writing
Student writing is enhanced when reading, writing, and classroom talk all cohere, but most of the time, teachers plan lessons involving classroom discussion and writing activities separately.

Episode 55
The Paradoxes of Leadership
Kent Peterson promotes the concept of ‘bifocal leadership’ and the idea that good leadership, by nature, involves many paradoxes and complexities.

Episode 54
Let’s Focus On Intellectual Quality
Schools succeed in helping students generate authentic intellectual work to the degree that staff concentrate on the cultural and structural features that professional community.

Episode 53
Implementing Site-based Management
Up to this point reform strategy has focused on curriculum and instruction changes, but revisions in management and organization also are needed.

Episode 52
New Tool Helps Teachers Monitor OCD
WCER researchers created a rating scale and observation system to help school staff record their observations and judgments of students’ behavior and to refer them to specialists when appropriate.

Episode 51
Engaging Parents in Mathematics Reform
What strategies lead to better understanding between parents and schools where reform mathematics curricula are being taught? How some schools initiate efforts to inform parents about changes in school mathematics.


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