Podcast Episodes #11-20

Episode 20
Measuring the Content of Instruction
New measurement tools allow independent and replicable descriptions of the content of instructional practice and instructional materials. The uniform language for measuring content ensures descriptions at a consistent level of depth and specificity.

Episode 19
What Will Decrease Educational Inequality?
The rates of high school completion for White and “minority” students nearly reached parity over the course of the 20th century, yet the rates of college enrollment and completion are still far apart.

Episode 18
Toward Equity in Science Instruction
Equitable reform of science education in urban schools involves a cohesiveness of school and community around clearly understood and accepted goals of reform; responsible and accessible leadership; teachers who feel effective, autonomous, and respected; and a community that is supportive and involved.

Episode 17
Allocating Resources for Equity
A new principal changed the de facto segregation that resulted from her school’s pull-out programs.

Episode 16
How Testing Accommodations Help
Testing accommodations have a positive effect on the reading and math scores of most students with and without disabilities.

Episode 15
Growth of an Interdisciplinary Teaching Team
The creation of teaching teams implies the recognition of teachers’ potential to engender effective school improvement. This empowerment is important.

Episode 14
Block Scheduling: Some Benefits But No Magic Fix
Despite the popularity of block scheduling, research findings are mixed and show no clear advantage of one schedule over the other.

Episode 13
Preparing Teachers For Diversity
Teach for Diversity is a graduate program for aspiring teachers who wish to teach in diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic settings.

Episode 12
Improving Children’s Cognitive and Social Competencies
Children in higher-quality child care programs perform better on measures of social, language, and cognitive development than children who attend poorer quality settings.

Episode 11
Statewide Efforts Can Improve Student Achievement
Statewide Systemic Initiatives enabled 25 states and Puerto Rico to help students improve their learning of challenging mathematics and science content.


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