Society for New Communications Research

Educators and communicators may find interesting the Society for New Communications Research, whose mission is to develop insights from study and mastery of new communications tools and technologies with the academic community and industry for the promotion of best practices. Founding fellows, honorary senior fellows and advisory board members represent organizations including ZDNet, PR Newswire, the IABC, Novell, Voce Communications, Eastwick Communications, and the University of Sunderland, UK.
Potential research topics include:
• How to measure a blog’s influence?
• How is online reputation evolving?
• How are management/social relations being tested or changed by the use of blogs, wikis, etc.?
• How can we better design online collaborative groups?
• Is online social networking actually fostering “community” or degrading it?
• How is social media impacting internal and external corporate communications?
• How is the marriage of creativity and technology and the evolution of participatory media changing the cultural sphere?
• Is there value to fake communities, false online personalities?
• Are significant differences between those who have been online since age 3 and those who haven’t? What does that mean for the future of mass communications?


One Response to Society for New Communications Research

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post, Paul!

    We are looking for ways to partner with universities to pursue our research. If any graduate students are interested in participating as research associates, if faculty are interested in participating as research fellow/advisory board members, or if a dept. is interested in pursuing an organizational affiliate arrangement to pursue joint projects, please contact me:

    Jen McClure
    Executive Director
    Society for New Communications Research
    (650) 331-0083

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